Australian heart patients who take several tablets could be one step closer to just taking one all-inclusive pill. A trial of the new medication – the polypill – has found there are few side effects to taking the pill, which reduces their risk of stroke. Watch the video above Dr Olataga Alofivae-Doorbinnia, one of the 70 Australian doctors with patients trialling polypills, has hailed the tablet as a “lifesaver”. Her patient, 79-year-old Rhonda Fletcher agrees. She used to take up to four blood pressure and cholesterol tablets but now only takes the one capsule. “(It’s) so confusing, sometimes you don’t know whether you have taken the right things or not,” Fletcher told 7NEWS. The first major trial of polypills, tracking 7000 people over five years, has found the approach works. Rhonda Fletcher used to have to take multiple pills but now only takes one. Image: 7NEWS “When we check […]