A few weeks ago I entered a nondescript commercial building above Baldivis’ high street, shoved a tube in my mouth and breathed through it for five minutes. This wasn’t a whipping cream gas dispenser or any other drug-related apparatus; in fact, at the end of the ‘session’ my life was on a healthier trajectory. I may look dead but I’m actually concentrating really hard on breathing.Credit:Hamish Hastie That tube was connected to a machine monitoring the carbon dioxide and oxygen output of my breath to determine how my metabolism was working. Why would I need to do this? Well, since 2010, I’ve been stringently carb-loading to fuel my rugby career. The only problem is, I stopped playing rugby in 2015 and now you need binoculars just to see my BMI dot. I’m sick of breathing heavily when I do my shoelaces up, so I wanted the data to get […]