One in three potentially deadly endometrial cancers could be avoided and losing weight, drinking coffee, having babies and breastfeeding just might help. Cancer Australia has published a review of 30 risk factors for endometrial cancer to help women and their doctors understand the tangle of red flags and red herrings. There is no escaping certain risk factors, such as ageing, genes mutations, family history, a woman’s period starting at a younger age and later onset of menopause. But one-third of endometrial cancers are attributable to potentially avoidable risk factors, meaning a large bulk of these tumours could be avoided. Cancer Australia launched a new website on Monday compiling the most recent research and classifies every risk and protective factor by the strength of the evidence behind them from “convincing” and “suggestive” to “inconclusive” and “no evidence”. The strongest modifiable risk factor is being overweight and obese. One in four […]