Yogis, babies and my husband all have one trait in common. They are among those much-envied creatures: the early risers. These blessed ones wake cheerful, alert and ready to greet the dawn, rather than cursing, groggy and hitting the snooze button like the rest of us. They’re not only gifted at getting to work on time, but research suggests they also enjoy better wellbeing and mental health, and could even earn more money than late risers. Dr Keith Wong advises patients who wish to become early risers to start by setting the alarm 15 or 30 minutes earlier.Credit:Getty Images So what if you’re a nocturnal creature but you’d like a piece of this lark action? Is it possible to make the shift? Sleep researcher Dr Elise Facer-Childs from Monash University says yes, at least in extreme night owls. She’s just finished a study to see whether a small group […]