“In their unwillingness to compromise, the Greens destroyed Australia’s best chance to establish an emissions trading scheme and to seek later improvements,” writes political columnist MICHAEL MOORE. AT least it is clear where the coalition government stands on climate change. If only the same were true for the Greens. Michael Moore. While the coalition buries its head in the sand, the track record of the Greens is one of failure. Failure not in what they believe, but in what they deliver. The clearest attempt for action on climate change was when Malcolm Turnbull worked with the Rudd government and Greens to implement a price on carbon. The whole parliament was attempting to address Rudd’s “greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time”. It seemed politicians were prepared to put the interests of the community above partisan politics. Then came Tony (“Sherman tank”) Abbott, crushing non-partisanship in his way. […]