A big push is about to be launched to get more of us to sign up to the Bone Marrow Donor registry — and the good news is, it won’t hurt. “I was expecting a big needle in the spine to suck out the bone marrow," said Jack Jacobson, a 29-year-old medical student, who went on the registry eight years ago. When he got the call in 2016, his DNA had been matched to someone he will never meet. He doesn’t know if he saved that life; privacy rules are tight. Jack in hospital. Photo: supplied But he said the procedure itself was a breeze. “It’s no more painful than giving blood – which really is not that painful anyway," Jacobson said. READ MORE: How Organ Donation Helped Create A New Life READ MORE: Double Transplant Recipient To Make Ironman History Injections stimulate the donor’s bone marrow to produce […]