Photo of young Woman standing on the street blowing her nose. Healthcare, flu and people concept – Ill woman blowing nose to paper napkin. After 28 years of existing in blissful ignorance of the effects of pollen and hay fever, I got my first taste of seasonal allergies. Needless to say, especially to those who’ve always struggled with allergy season, it was horrible. The endless post-nasal drip, painful headaches , sinus pressure, and congestion left me lethargic, moody, and desperate for a solution. While an over-the-counter antihistamine offered some minimal relief, I started searching for other alternatives to aid in curing my discomfort. A few Google searches later, I met acupuncture . I knew acupuncture could help alleviate period cramps and ease anxiety, but allergy relief was a new bonus for me, so I reached out to the Yinova Centre , a nationally acclaimed acupuncture clinic in New York […]