Ric Coleman, of Hastings, has been given six months to live after his cancer was misdiagnosed, Richard (Ric) Coleman has just a few months to live, and he will never know if that could have been longer. Tests and scans performed at Hawke’s Bay Hospital last December revealed something was wrong, but not cancer. Six months later he was called back to the hospital for more tests and then was given the worst news he could possibly receive. The specialist said he had made a mistake and that Coleman had liver cancer. "They must have missed something in the scan," the Hastings man said. "It’s like what Spike Milligan had on his tomb stone, ‘I told them I was ill’. READ MORE: * Woman with brain tumour wants natural therapies subsidised by Pharmac * Us Two: Sir Peter Leitch aka The Mad Butcher and Don Graham * Terminal breast […]