Back in August, when a in Birmingham said it could reverse the menopause using frozen ovarian tissue (for $13,000 to $20,000), I couldn’t even get my hands on a supply of HRT. It wasn’t just that there was, and still is, a chronic shortage of the stuff, despite nearly half the population qualifying for it at some point in midlife. The problem for me was that, despite several visits to the GP, no one would write me a prescription. HRT is considered largely safe now, and I have no history of oestrogen-related cancers in my family. I presented with symptoms of the perimenopause, none of the fabled hot flushes, but a definite woolly-headedness and memory loss – I’m doing the battiest things: leaving my phone in the fridge and forgetting my keys. Then there’s the bloated stomach, the laborious, painful periods and the stinging promise of tears at absurdly […]