Photo: Chemotherapy did not work on Dave Roberts’s form of lymphoma. (Supplied: Dave Roberts) Dave Roberts is fighting for his life, and his doctor says there is only one option left to him, an immunotherapy treatment called Kymriah. Dave Roberts has a form of lymphoma and is hoping immunotherapy could be a cure Novartis manufactures Kymriah, which could be an effective treatment but costs $500,000 Mr Roberts is calling on the Government to provide assistance to make the treatment more accessible “My doctor has stated … that this drug is basically my only hope of survival,” he told 7.30. The treatment is approved for use in Australia but is not yet funded by the Federal Government for people with Mr Roberts’s form of cancer, so it would cost him $500,000. “Who’s got $500,000 lying around?” he said. “You’d hope that when a life-saving opportunity like this comes along the […]