As Harry and Meghan settle into their new life in Canada with baby Archie, one wonders how Prince Charles will manage to stay familiar to his little grandson. Long-distance grandparenting is a relatively new – and challenging – phenomenon. When grandchildren move far away, most grandparents still want to be part of their lives. Harry and Meghan with their newborn son in St George’s Hall at Windsor Castle in May.Credit:PA Sara Moorman and Jeffrey Stokes at Boston College studied longitudinal data of 300 US families and found a close and positive relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren had a measurable effect on the wellbeing of both groups. Julia Griggs and colleagues at Oxford University asked more than 1500 adolescents to complete a structured questionnaire about their families. Those who enjoyed higher levels of grandparental involvement had fewer emotional and behavioural problems and higher levels of pro-social behaviour. Adolescents living […]