A mental health and self-harm crisis continues to spiral on Manus Island, with another refugee setting himself on fire and a man scaling a tall phone tower before threatening to jump off. Since mid-May, nearly 100 incidents of attempted suicide and self-harm have been reported among refugees and asylum seekers on the Papua New Guinean island. The men there, transported to Manus after attempting to reach Australia, say they have lost hope of ever being resettled in a third-country. The latest headline incidents came in recent days, with refugees saying an Indian man set himself on fire in his room after seeking medical help. Authorities extinguish the fire on Manus. Photo: Shamindan Kanapadhi Photos from Manus show accommodation blocks alight and with smoke billowing. "He has been suffering with severe health issues," Manus refugee Shamindan Kanapadhi said. "His medical treatment has been denied for a long time." Kanapadhi claimed […]