Barbara Nampitjinpa was one of the app’s most enthusiastic Pintupi Lurija speaking contributors. Barbara Nampitjimpa receives dialysis three days a week at Purple House in Alice Springs. But for the last six months, she’s been regularly visiting the clinic for a second reason: she has been teaching a computer how to speak Pintupi Lurija, her first language. Software has been created to translate between Pintupi Luritja and English It is designed to empower dialysis patients and help them better communicate with medical staff It is hoped the app will lessen stress on patients who worry about being misunderstood or not understanding what is going on Her work has led to the creation of a two-way real-time language translation app. "Lots of our people from out bush; they can’t understand English," Ms Nampitjimpa said. "Now they can speak with doctors, nurses and their carers in Pintupi Lurija … Because we […]