Clinicians across Australian health services are reducing low-value and unnecessary interventions — such as pathology tests, antibiotics and imaging — as part of the Choosing Wisely Australia initiative. Choosing Wisely — a global campaign in more than 20 countries — encourages better conversations between health professionals and consumers about appropriate tests, treatments and procedures. It was launched in Australia by NPS MedicineWise in 2015 and today 44 colleges, societies and associations are members, producing lists of evidence-based healthcare practices to question. A flexible approach to implementation Australia’s Choosing Wisely Champion Health Services network is facilitated by NPS MedicineWise and has teams of health professionals and consumers working together across departments, and entire organisations in more than 30 health services, on local projects addressing low-value health care. Participating organisations commit to six governing principles: Health profession-led Clear emphasis on improving quality of care and on harm prevention Multidisciplinary Patient-focused communication […]