News Pregnancy loss can lead to significant grief and trauma for women, with an expert lamenting the focus on physiological, rather than psychological, outcomes. ‘The memory of our motionless baby boy on the ultrasound screen awakened me in the middle of the night. I squeezed my eyes shut repeatedly, but I couldn’t escape the image. ‘My body ached, my heart raced and tears streamed down my face until they led to uncontrollable sobs, eventually waking my husband. ‘I cried until morning.’ That is American author Katie C Reilly in a recent story she wrote for The Washington Post , detailing how she spent her first night after she miscarried at 12 weeks’ gestation. While her experience was clearly harrowing, Ms Reilly also shared her frustration about how her emotional needs were addressed. ‘After my miscarriage was handled medically, the effect on my mental health also needed attention,’ Ms Reilly […]