Publisher Lovatts Media has added another title to its suite of mindfulness products, this time aimed at helping teens navigate the stress of modern life. KIT was created with eight to 14-year-olds in mind, and will offer something for both boys and girls who are searching for meaning and purpose in their everyday lives, the publisher said. The launch issue of KIT will cover topics including mindfulness, mental and physical health, sports and hobbies, science, coding and positive life skills such as cooking and knot tying. There will also be hands-on activities like drawing comics, building a compass and enjoying nature. KIT editor Carly Saillard said KIT will aim to help young people escape. “KIT acts as the trusted friend young minds can turn to when they need an escape from the pressures often thrust upon them by modern society,” said Saillard. “Between the bombardment of materialism and the […]