An evening of presentations on low carbohydrate nutrition for optimising health and weight with two world experts. Gary Taubes is an investigative science and health journalist and co-founder and president of the non-profit Nutrition Science Initiative ( He is the author of "The Case Against Sugar" (2016), "Why We Get Fat" (2011) and "Good Calories, Bad Calories" (2008) His books have been translated into two dozen languages. Gary has focused his reporting on controversial science and, specifically, the confluence of research in nutrition, obesity, chronic disease and public health policy. Dr David Unwin is GP in Southport UK where he has worked since 1986 as a family doctor. For the past few years he has been a Royal College of General Practitioners expert clinical advisor on diabetes. As a result of his interests in both better communication with patients and Type 2 diabetes he was made Royal College of […]