Australian Patients Association

Media Release 2/5/22

Major Parties Commit to Making Medicines More Affordable

Patients struggling to pay for prescription medicines from week to week have now received commitments from both major parties that they will reduce the price of the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme copayment for general patients. Over the weekend, the Liberal Party announced a policy to reduce the maximum copayment from $42.50 to $32.50, and the Labor Party committed to reducing the copayment to $30, if elected.

CEO of the Australian Patients Association Stephen Mason said that the reduction to the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme copayment was a significant win for Australians struggling to pay for their medicines.

“Patients who are struggling to afford their medicines from script to script will be the biggest beneficiaries of these commitments,” he said.

“A recent survey by the Consumer Health Forum found that 14% of Australians have found themselves unable to purchase prescription medicines[1].

“Patients who struggle to afford their prescriptions are more likely to end up in hospital than reach the safety net threshold.

“On behalf of the patients of Australia, the Australian Patients Association welcomes this commitment by both major parties to make medicines more affordable at the cash register.” 

For further information contact: Stephen Mason Ph: 0408 944 859 or Office: 03 9274 0788


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