In Australia, one in five aged care residents take antipsychotics every day Non-drug treatments such as massage and music therapy are as effective as antipsychotic drugs in treating dementia symptoms, a review of the medical evidence has found. Antipsychotic drugs are often used to reduce dementia behaviours, but can have significant side effects The royal commission’s interim report has found an over-reliance on these drugs in aged care facilities This is relevant because last week’s interim report from the royal commission into aged care standards said there was a "significant over-reliance" on chemical restraints — such as antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs. It described the use of drugs to sedate and control elderly residents as "inhumane, abusive and unjustified" and Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the Government will do more to stop the drugging of elderly people in aged care homes. High rates of antipsychotic prescribing in aged care […]