Patients are being warned of a life-threatening communication breakdown between GP clinics and major public hospitals. A 9News investigation has found as many as half of all faxed referrals aren’t reaching their intended destination since the NBN roll-out, prompting urgent calls to modernise the outdated system still widely employed across the medical profession. Brunswick GP Dr Prem Saranathan says the continued use of the antiquated technology could have "dire consequences." Dr Prem Saranathan has warned that outdated communication protocols could threaten patient health. (9News) "There are about seven public hospitals in the area that we refer our patients to that only by and large accept referrals by fax," he told 9News. "The worst case scenario is something could be missed. For example, if a woman came in with a breast lump and I thought it was a cancer. I would have to refer her to a public hospital (via […]