Medication Management Made Easy by MedAdvisor

The MedAdvisor app is here to transform how patients manage their medications. Completely free and personalised, the app makes handling medications effortless, no matter where you are.

With the app, you can store all your prescriptions—whether paper or electronic—in one secure location. It sends you reminders to take your medication, refill prescriptions, and order new ones according to your schedule. Choose to pick up your prescriptions from the pharmacy or have them delivered straight to your door or workplace.

For caregivers, the app’s Carer Mode feature allows you to manage your loved one’s medications seamlessly on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, ensuring you can keep track of their prescriptions with ease.

Join Over 3 Million Australians Using These Features for Hassle-Free Medication Management

Stay Up to Date on All Your Medications:

Keep control of your medications with a complete and current list that’s automatically updated with every prescription fill. Access detailed information like remaining refills, dosage instructions, supply details, and more.

Manage Your Family’s Medications with Carer Mode®:

Take the hassle out of managing family medications with Carer Mode®. Add and manage medication profiles for multiple family members and view essential information such as reminders and messages on the home screen.

Receive Daily Reminders for Your Medication:

Get notifications on your smartphone or tablet to remind you to take your medication at the scheduled time. Customize the reminders to be daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, and select from various alert tones. This feature is available on Apple and Android devices.

Get Your Prescription Refills On the Go:

Order prescription refills effortlessly from your smartphone or tablet. Submit your request and collect your medication at your nearest pharmacy at your convenience. Use the Snap-n-Send feature to send a photo of a new prescription to the pharmacy before your visit.

Manage Multiple Medications with Personalised Reminders:

Set personalised reminders for each medication and receive notifications when it’s time to refill. Customize alert tones to suit your preferences and set reminders for specific times of the day.

Stay on Top of Your NDSS Medication Management:

Easily manage your NDSS medications with the MedAdvisor app. View your NDSS products alongside your prescriptions, track your items, and pre-order them directly from the app. Visit your MedAdvisor account for helpful tips on activating NDSS and other Diabetes features.

Embrace joyful simplicity and take control of your health regimen with the MedAdvisor app today!