Play Video Botched beauty (Source: 7NEWS) Patients of the unregistered Melbourne beauty therapist were urged to be tested for hepatitis or HIV. A beauty therapist who ran a dodgy salon at the back of a jewellery store in a Melbourne shopping centre has been hit with a new ban. Lee Kim Tan was caught in May for running Sonoun Kimlee Salon – a cockroach-riddled, unregistered clinic offering botox and dermal fillers – in Springvale Shopping Centre. She then left the country. In the video above, a salon operator fights for life after a botched procedure As authorities discovered the woman was planning to return to Australia, Health Complaints Commissioner Karen Cusack issued a new ban for Tan on Thursday after the original one expired on August 22. Health officials say patients of an unregistered Melbourne beauty therapist should be tested for hepatitis or HIV. Credit: Stock image: Getty "At […]