The independent health advice panel overseeing medical transfers for asylum seekers languishing offshore says there were 73 admissions covering 43 people at the RPC Medical Centre on Nauru in the first quarter of 2019, with “the majority” relating to mental health conditions. The first quarterly report of the independent panel, obtained by Labor under an order for the production of documents in the Senate, found that in addition to the 73 admissions, with stays ranging between one and 44 days, there were 8,260 medical consultations provided to people on Nauru in the quarter – mostly for mental health problems. The new figures underscoring significant problems with the mental health and wellbeing of asylum seekers, and people whose asylum claims have failed, came as the Liberal backbencher Russell Broadbent declared on Monday Australia could not continue with “indefinite detention”. The governor of Manus Island, Charlie Benjamin, also urged Australia to […]