A young girl is back at school after being given a second chance at life when neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo performed radical surgery to remove an aggressive brain tumour. For the past three years 12-year-old Amelia “Milli” Lucas has battled brain cancer. In May, doctors told the young Perth girl that chemotherapy and radiotherapy had stopped working on her tumour and it was inoperable. Milli was moved into Palliative Care and the family was advised that there was nothing more that could be done. In a desperate attempt to save Milli’s life, her family reached out to Dr Teo who agreed to perform the lifesaving surgery that other’s had deemed too risky. “Dr Charlie Teo operated on Milli wearing a Wish for Milli scarf and successfully removed 98 per cent of her malignant tumour, which went into her brain stem,” the Charlie Teo Foundation wrote in an update on […]