Supplies of EpiPen Jr are being rationed in Australia due to a supply shortage. Image: Getty A NSW mum fears Australia’s child EpiPen shortage could lead to tragedy, with parents being told they’re only allowed to buy one at a time as supplies dwindle. Pharmacies have been told to only allow parents to buy one EpiPen Jr at a time, as supplies of the model dwindle due to international shortages from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, which could continue until January 2020. The Therapeutic Goods Administration said the patient impact could be "critical", but Australian allergy experts have urged people to remain calm and not panic. Jennifer Goddard, from Bargo in NSW’s Wollondilly shire, said she visited her local doctor for a new prescription for her son Jamie’s EpiPen Jr. He’s four years old and has a peanut allergy. The EpiPen Jr. is a child’s version of the EpiPen, an adrenaline […]