Should We Be Worried About The New Wuhan Coronavirus?

Image: Getty Images The World Health Organisation has postponed its decision about whether to classify the new Wuhan coronavirus as a global health emergency. It wants to gather more information and will meet again at midday on Thursday in Geneva (late Thursday night, Australian time). In the meantime, China has barred people from leaving Wuhan from 10am today, local time: No people in #Wuhan , C China's Hubei will be allowed to leave the city starting 10 a.m. of Jan. 23. Train stations and airport will shut down; the city bus, subway, ferry and long-distance shuttle bus will also be temporarily closed: local authority #WuhanPneumonia #coronavirus — People's Daily, [...]

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Virus hits Australia, Cooks get ready

Chinese aircrew arrive at Sydney. AFP 20012449 The first Australian case of Wuhan coronavirus has been confirmed, with a man being held under isolation in a Melbourne hospital. It comes as Cook Islands Ministry of Health calls medical personnel, transport and immigration authorities, media and other stakeholders to a coronavirus response strategy meeting on Monday morning. Chinese are the fastest-growing group of tourists in Cook Islands, accounting for 678 visitors last year. Chinese authorities have revealed they are treating 1,287 patients with the virus – and the death toll has risen to 41. Authorities there warn the virus could mutate and spread, and have put three cities in lockdown. The [...]

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Australian Hellenic Medical Charity Inc. Delivers Medical Equipment to Greece

(Photo by Eurokinissi, file) ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – The Australian Hellenic Medical Charity Inc. (AHMCI) was founded in 2015 to raise funds to help hospitals in Greece. Last Christmas, Greek-Australians and AHMCI members Dr. Andrew Zisos and Connie Loutsos delivered much needed medical equipment to Thriasio General Hospital of Elefsina, The Four Point Play (TFPP) reported on January 22. Happy to give back to Greece, the AHMCI members delivered equipment including a machine for “the early detection of cancer which was requested by the hospital and five containers of dermatomes blades for Zimmer dermatomes and two dermatoscopes for the Department of Plastic Surgery,” TFPP reported, adding that “this was accomplished after [...]

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Calm urged as China’s coronavirus reaches Australia with four confirmed cases

NSW Health Minister for Health Brad Hazzard has confirmed three cases of coronavirus in New South Wales. "The community needs to understand that it is being well handled in concert with the state and territories, and the Commonwealth government," he said. NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said that two of the three cases involved men who had returned to Australia on the 6 and 9 January. NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant. "We are taking this in a very precautionary way. We are contacting many people and we don't want them to be unduly alarmed. It is about early protection." "The patients are not seriously unwell. We [...]

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Coronavirus fears as Australian officials work to trace passengers who flew from Wuhan

More than 1,300 people have been infected globally by coronavirus, with more cases expected to emerge in New South Wales. Photo: (AP: Kin Cheung) Health officials are racing to find hundreds of airline passengers who flew from Wuhan to Sydney with a man infected with the deadly coronavirus. Australian authorities are now in the process of tracking down anyone who was on board China Eastern Flight MU749 on January 20 While it is not believed that all men were infectious at the time of their flight, NSW's chief medical officer believes there is big potential for more cases in the state In China, 41 people have died from coronavirus It [...]

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Four people in Australia confirmed with deadly coronavirus

PHOTO: © Vietnam Stock Images / The number of cases of the deadly coronavirus in Australia has risen to four with three men diagnosed with the infection in New South Wales. The men, aged 35, 43 and 53 are being treated in hospitals in Sydney and have been placed in isolation. Two of the men had travelled from Wuhan to Sydney while the third had travelled from the southern city of Shenzen. ARTICLE CONTINUES AFTER THIS ADVERTISEMENT NSW health officials are frantically trying to track down hundreds of airline passengers who were on the infected men’s flights during January. The men were not ill on their flights and only [...]

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Coronavirus spreads to France, Australia, Malaysia; India tightens watch at 7 airports

Empty streets in Wuhan, China. Photo: @WillySier / Twitter France on January 25, 2020 confirmed three cases of infection by novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) — its first. Australia and Malaysia too confirmed their maiden cases. In China, the total increased to 1,372. The death toll was at 41 — 38 of which were in Wuhan, the epicentre. Two make-shift hospitals were being constructed in the city to tackle a huge rush of patients. Meanwhile, the new virus spread to all 23 Chinese. The China Daily cited a news source to report that the municipal authorities in capital Beijing have announced that all interprovincial road passenger transports would be suspended from January [...]

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Patients forced to wait in ambulances as emergency departments struggle with thousands of patients daily

Photo: Yvonne James believes ramping "did shorten" her mother's life. (ABC News: Carl Saville) When Yvonne James's 88-year-old mother was rushed to hospital after a fall, instead of going straight in she was forced to sit in the back of an ambulance because the emergency department was full. Ramping refers to when patients are left in the backs of ambulances or in a corridor because the emergency department is full The number of mental health patients presenting at emergency departments has soared by about 70 per cent in the last 15 years National emergency department presentations are now at more than 8 million a year The controversial practice known as [...]

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My Health Record: almost $2bn spent but half the 23m records created are empty

A decade since it was first announced, the federal government has spent close to $2bn on its troubled My Health Record system, and half of the 23m records created lie empty almost a year after the government made the system opt-out. The former Labor government first proposed the e-health record system in 2009 as a means for patients, doctors and specialists to share patient history, X-rays, prescriptions and other medical information with ease. The system was first launched in 2012 with little fanfare and very little uptake. In 2016, it was reported that after four years, only around 4 million people had created a record, and even fewer had actually [...]

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COAG Health Council announces new policy directions

News COAG has emphasised public protection is the paramount consideration for any potential action against a health practitioner. The directions reinforce that consultation with patient safety and healthcare consumer bodies is required for any new or revised registration standards, codes or guidelines, while emphasising that public protection is the paramount consideration for any potential regulatory action against a health practitioner. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) Chief Executive Martin Fletcher welcomed the directions. He said the new guidelines clearly articulate what National Boards and AHPRA need to take into account when administering the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme . ‘As the national regulators, it is AHPRA and the National Boards’ [...]

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