Walk through any chemist or department store – even a supermarket aisle – and you’ll be bombarded with products making claims about your skin. You’re “suffering” from ageing skin. You’re showing six of the seven signs of visible ageing. You’ve got clear symptoms of "DNA damage". For every problem, there is a solution for a price. DNA repair serum. Anti-ageing creams. Black diamonds from outer space, endorsed by NASA. But do any of these products actually work? How do we separate the science from the pseudoscience? Miracles don’t exist even in the world of wonder-creams. But you can support the health of your skin. Credit:iStock Worldwide, the cosmetics market is valued at $740 billion and growing. But Dr Adrian Lim, the former Dean of Education of the Australasian College of Dermatologists, says what works and what doesn’t is not straightforward. The cosmetics sector is largely an “evidence-free zone”, he […]