Paddy Moore has provided abortions as part of her gynaecology work for 25 years and currently heads up one of the biggest public abortion services in Australia. She is very clear about one thing. "All forms of contraception fail," she says, matter-of-factly. "People don’t realise that. But when you’re a family planner, I’ve seen every form of contraception fail. There is no perfect form of contraception yet." The Melbourne Royal Women’s Hospital specialist is also well aware of the "typical narrative" that the women who get abortions must be lazy, young or irresponsible. But this is not her experience, having cared for thousands of people who sought to end a pregnancy. Dr Paddy Moore, a gynaecologist at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, says those who seek abortions come from "all walks of life". Credit:Justin McManus Along with those whose contraception did not work, Moore’s patients include people who […]