Doctor and former MP Kerryn Phelps has talked openly about Lyme disease (screenshot via YouTube). Almost four years after a Senate Inquiry heard detailed accounts of the ongoing tragedy of Lyme disease in Australia, there has been no significant action from the Government. The Inquiry heard that thousands of patients are struggling without treatment or support, as well as that untold numbers of people infected with Lyme are languishing fatally with a range of misdiagnoses. First-line contacts in Australian health settings remain untrained in Lyme disease diagnosis. Centrelink remains unaccepting of tick-borne illness for payment. Brave doctors who treat Lyme and demonstrably save lives remain professionally persecuted by AHPRA. Patients languish for decades in a state of disability. Additionally, no public awareness campaign has been conducted to inform the public of the dangers of ticks , or to ensure that patients diagnosed with ME/CFS , multiple sclerosis , Lou […]