The introduction of a statutory requirement for doctors to gain “informed consent” before performing abortions in New South Wales will cause confusion and create an unnecessary “extra hurdle” to accessing a termination, the Australian Medical Association has warned. The historic, cross-party bill to decriminalise abortion in NSW is being debated on the floor of the state’s parliament on Thursday, with wrangling over proposed amendments expected to go late into the night or even early Friday morning. While a number of the amendments have been defeated, one change which means doctors will be required to receive “informed consent” before performing abortions did pass 49-41 despite being opposed by the bill’s co-sponsors. The AMA had previously called the amendment “unnecessary and insulting” because it “is already a requirement on doctors” and on Thursday the association’s vice president in NSW, Danielle McMullen, said the passing of the amendment risked creating confusion for […]