A coroner left "deeply" troubled by a pregnant woman’s inadequate care at a rural NSW hospital wants more Aboriginal workers employed in the health system to better reflect the local population. Disability support worker and Wiradjuri woman Naomi Williams attended Tumut Hospital some 20 times between May 2015 and the day she died of meningococcal-related blood poisoning on January 1 in 2016. By the time she was writhing in pain at home and on death’s door, she had lost confidence in Tumut Hospital, deputy state coroner Harriet Grahame said on Monday. The 27-year-old was never referred to an obstetrician or a gut specialist despite consistently reporting nausea and vomiting before and after falling pregnant. Fifteen hours before her death, Ms Williams presented to Tumut Hospital, was treated by two emergency nurses, given Panadol and sent home within 34 minutes. The coroner accepted the two emergency nurses couldn’t have known […]