Five Australian survivors of the White Island volcano eruption have been airlifted into Melbourne and Sydney burns units for specialist treatment, with more on the way. A flight landed in Essendon airport in Melbourne this morning and transported one patient to The Alfred Hospital. Four others arrived in Sydney overnight, where three were taken to Concord Hospital and a fourth to Royal North Shore Hospital to receive critical care. Altogether, twelve Australians are expected to be returned home in the coming hours and days, pending approval from doctors that it is safe to move the patients. One of the NZ volcano survivors is loaded into an ambulance at Essendon Airport, Melbourne, this morning after being airlifted from Chirstchuch. (9NEWS) Aircraft with specialist crew and medical equipment were deployed to help return the injured Australians home. (9NEWS) Three Air Force planes – a C-130 Hercules from Richmond and two C-17 […]