The coroner’s sense of futility was clear, as he investigated the death of yet another Australia n killed by prescription opioids. Coroners nationwide have long urged officials to address Australia ‘s ballooning opioid addiction, and to create a tracking system to stop people from collecting multiple prescriptions from multiple doctors. Yet even as thousands died, the coroners’ pleas were met largely with silence. "For what it is worth, I add my voice to the chorus pleading for urgency," Western Australia coroner Barry King wrote in his report, delivered in May. Illegal prescription crackdown in Ohio, Kentucky New drugs show promise in fight against Ebola Half a world away, Australia has failed to heed the lessons of the United States, and is now facing skyrocketing rates of opioid prescriptions and related deaths. Drug companies facing scrutiny for their aggressive marketing of opioids in America have turned their focus abroad, working […]