Opyl Limited launches as the newest player in global digital health Opyl Limited (ASX:OPL) has launched a new company name and brand, heralding its entry into the rapidly expanding global digital health and artificial intelligence (AI) market. Combining new technologies and healthcare expertise, Opyl’s key offerings include optimising clinical study design and recruitment strategies. The rebranded and refocused company, formerly known as ShareRoot Limited ( ASX:SRO ), is using AI to better understand the patient experience Following a strong shareholder vote at the company’s recent annual general meeting, the new name of Opyl Limited was approved. Reflective of new strategy Opyl’s former name and brand were established in the US in 2013 and the new name better reflects the company’s new strategy. The Social Science brand within the ShareRoot group of companies will also be retired. Opyl is designed to use AI-assisted technologies to provide biopharma and health organisations […]