The most popular stories of 2019 take us from identifying semi-identical twins in pregnancy to reversing the negative effects of menopause. These stories were not only ground-breaking discoveries, but research that captured the interest of the general public. Image: Unsplash. It has been a big year for medical research at UNSW Sydney. From identifying semi-identical twins in pregnancy for the first time, to discovering the benefits of weight training as a pain treatment method, UNSW academics and students have made headway in expanding what we know about medicine and the human body. Read on for the most popular medical stories of 2019: The twins, who are identical on their mother’s side but share only part of their father’s DNA, are the first case of semi-identical, or sesquizygotic, twins identified in Australia. Image: Shutterstock Young Queensland twins, a boy and a girl, have been identified as only the second set […]