Affordable Medicines Now

The Australian Patients Association undertakes various campaigns to raise awareness of issues affecting patients and to lobby corporations, organisations and government to improve the patient experience and the Australian healthcare system.

We have undertaken numerous campaigns that, if successful, will result in positive change to the health care system and most importantly, will lead to major benefits for Australian patients.

Campaigns APA is currently involved in include:

  • Affordable Medicines Now – patients shouldn’t have to choose between medicines and other essentials
  • #DONTWAITMATE. The Continuity of Care Collaboration – A group of organisations committed to encourage Australians to maintain their health during and after COVID-19. Further information on the campaign is available here.
  • #DONTWAITVACCINATEThe Continuity of Care Collaboration
  • Medical Costs
  • Out of Pocket Costs
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Aged Care
  • Responsible Use of Medications
  • Choosing a Private Health Fund

How can you help?


A donation to the campaign of your choice or to the APA in general will go a long way towards helping us develop and implement the best possible campaigns that result in long lasting change and improvements to the health care system.

We also want to continue supporting those who call our helpline each day. The committed team at the APA, including our volunteers, work 24/7 on behalf of patients. Your contribution will help us continue our valuable work on behalf of patients and their families.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.


Volunteers are always sought to contribute to the important work of undertaking campaigns for the Australian Patient Association. Volunteers are encouraged to contribute in their area of personal expertise and interest. If you wish to learn more about volunteering visit Volunteer.