Most of us take paracetamol every now and again to reduce pain or fever. As far as medications go, it’s one we’re unlikely to associate with harm. But in a study published on Monday in the Medical Journal of Australia, my colleagues and I reveal a concerning increase in paracetamol poisonings, and resulting liver damage, in Australia over the last decade. In fact, paracetamol is actually the No 1 pharmaceutical Australian poisons centres receive calls about. Why don’t doctors trust women? Because they don’t know much about us | Gabrielle Jackson Read more Paracetamol is safe if used appropriately, at a maximum of four grams a day in adults (equivalent to eight 500mg tablets, or six 665mg modified-release tablets). But when this dose is exceeded, there is a potential for harm. And the bigger the dose, the greater the risk. It’s time to consider restrictions, including reducing pack sizes […]