Photo: The image of an empty ambulance bay in Glenorchy spread quickly via social media. (Facebook) A social media post written by the only paramedic on duty in a Hobart suburb on Friday night — with no ambulance at the station — has characterised it as "just another day in the Tasmanian health crisis". The paramedic wrote that he was the only one working in Glenorchy, while the station’s ambulance was ramped at the Royal Hobart Hospital. "Everyone loves turning up to work and finding there’s nothing to do. But when you’re the only overnight paramedic for a city of nearly 50,000 people, including your own family, it’s not such a novelty," he posted. "Nearly a decade of budget savings has pushed us to the point where our ambulances are old and failing, and our paramedics and communications officers are worked beyond breaking point. "So as a result I […]