Edward Peck’s mother begged RHH staff to involuntarily detain her son to save his life. Michelle and Malcolm Peck’s son Edward took his own life in August 2015, just hours after he was discharged from the Royal Hobart Hospital. Edward Peck took his own life in 2015 just hours after being discharged from hospital at his own request Psychiatrists say Tasmania’s Mental Health Act makes it hard for clinicians to take past mental health issues into account, which puts patients at risk The act is under review, and Edward’s family want it to be overhauled “He was a kind, funny, normal 23-year-old Tasmanian that we needed to look after and we didn’t,” Mr Peck said. Edward had been admitted to hospital after an incident of self-harm, requiring surgery. He had a long history of mental illness and had made two suicide attempts that weekend. Despite his mother explaining this […]