Parliamentarian John Eren has described his Parkinson’s diagnosis as a relief after anxious days fearing his symptoms signalled a far more sinister problem, one he feared could leave him a quadriplegic.

By sharing his diagnosis, the Victorian Labor member of the state parliament hopes to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease, saying “not knowing” is “worse than actually living with something that you don’t know is going on in your own body”.

Parkinson’s is a neurological condition that gets worse over time and can cause problems with movement, speech, chewing and swallowing, plus anxiety and depression.

The head of the Parkinson’s Disease Laboratory at the Florey Institute, Professor David Finkelstein reassured people with Parkinson’s that they could still have a good quality of life with treatment.

Article published by The New Daily on the 13th September 2020. To read the full article click here.

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