Ambulance service quality in Australia has been steadily declining, mostly due to a lack of funding and resources provided by State Governments.

Stories abound of sub-standard ambulance services that have directly resulted in the loss of life due to extended waiting times as well as a lack of resource capacity for ambulances to provide fundamental transport services.

Issues include:

  • Ambulances that are routinely un-contactable;
  • Ambulances that are fitted with faulty equipment;
  • Delays of two or more hours in parts of regional Australia;
  • Ambulances carrying seriously ill patients are routinely waiting for hours outside hospitals for a bed to become available in emergency departments;
  • Instances where ambulances are “ramped” (queued outside full hospital emergency departments) meaning paramedics have to stay with the patient and are therefore unable to respond to other calls for assistance; and
  • Failure to respond to 000 calls to save lives.

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