The APA provides support and direction for Australian patients. The APA acts as a signpost organization providing advice and referrals to best navigate the Australian Health Care system. We have a wide network of partners we can refer who are well placed to assist patients with their issues or needs.

The APA acts primarily act as a signpost organisation which provides direction by pointing the caller in the best and most appropriate direction. The APA does not have the resources to undertake individual cases however we can assist to arrange introductions and mediation between parties.

Why is patient support important?

Patient support is the key driving factor for better health outcomes. A strong support system has positive benefits such as higher levels of well-being, better coping skills, reduction in depression and anxiety leading to longer and healthier life.

How do you support a patient?

There are many ways to support a patient. First and foremost, the best practice for taking care of patients and giving Patient support starts with having a conversation with the patient. Listening to patients, understanding their needs, showing respect, involving patients’ family and friends and their carers assists in offering emotional support. Provide help through referral service and patient support services, educate and inform, educate them to self-advocate and engage patients in their care plan.

patient support and advice

What is patient care and why is it important?

Patient care refers to prevention, treatment and management of illness through services provided by healthcare professionals for the overall physical and mental well-being of patients. A high-quality patient care will have a positive effect on health outcomes and contribute to a better patient recovery experience by ensuring the dignity and well-being and keeping the patient comfortable and happy.

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Call our Support Line for guidance and advice on who to ask, where to go or what to do. It could be about a medical condition, proposed treatment, a problem, complaint or suggestion. Your call and voice is important.