How many general practices employ pharmacists, and how many pharmacies are co-located with general practices across the country? GPs work predominantly in group practices and many also work alongside other health professionals, according to the RACGP’s General Practice: Health of the Nation report released on Thursday. Eighty-six percent of GPs surveyed ( n = 1174) reported worked in a group practice, with only 4% working “solo”. However just 13% of GPs indicated that pharmacists were employed in their practice. Meanwhile 92% reported having a practice nurse (with an average of three per practice), 64% employed allied health professionals and 26% employed other specialists. Seven per cent respondents said they had an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioner or health worker on staff, while 5% had none of the above. “The makeup of practice teams varies considerably from practice to practice,” says the RACGP in its report. “In addition […]