Nadine always knew she wanted to be a mother. But it took a year of trying – and two miscarriages – before she welcomed her baby girl, Penny. Penny is now almost three, and Nadine is desperate to give her little girl a sibling. But having another baby has proved even more challenging this time around. Over the past two years, Nadine fell pregnant, only to discover she had an ectopic pregnancy, which resulted in a ruptured fallopian tube. She also consulted a fertility expert and had her heart broken over a further miscarriage. She has now embarked on the costly process of IVF. “I can’t even tell you how stressful it is,” she says. Women with secondary infertility are likely to feel “let down” by their bodies.Credit:Stocksy Throughout the process, Nadine has had to grit her teeth whenever she is asked the question she loathes most: “When will […]