Peter Dutton claims asylum seekers and refugees on Manus Island and Nauru are refusing resettlement offers in the United States because of the medevac legislation , claiming 250 applications for medical transfer were currently being reviewed by “activist” doctors. Despite conceding last week the US was “unlikely” to resettle 1,250 refugees under the deal Malcolm Turnbull struck with the then US president, Barack Obama, and begrudgingly held to by Donald Trump, Dutton said the medevac legislation had upended the process and claimed asylum seekers and refugees were still holding out for Australia. Further ramping up the political attack he began last week , as the government seeks crossbench support to repeal the medevac legislation the parliament passed against its will in February, Dutton repeated his claim the system was at risk of being abused. Coalition uses Setka scandal to revive laws allowing deregistration of ‘rogue’ unions Read more “With […]