The National Asthma Council Australia is calling on healthcare professionals to mark National Asthma Week by preparing the millions of Australians with asthma for pollen season Launching today, the week also heralds the start of spring, which brings fresh challenges for the three in four people with asthma who also have allergic rhinitis, due to increased triggers such as grass and other pollens in the air. National Asthma Council CEO Siobhan Brophy says it is crucial for health professionals to inform patients about the connection between allergic rhinitis and asthma, particularly as thunderstorm asthma season looms. “People who have allergic rhinitis (either with or without known asthma), are sensitive to ryegrass pollen or have poorly controlled asthma are at heightened risk of a flare-up during storms in spring and need to proactively manage their symptoms,” said Ms Brophy. According to the National Asthma Council’s treatment guidelines, the Australian Asthma […]