Photo: It’s feared the departure of users from the private system could increase waiting lists for elective surgeries. ( Natanael Melchor, CC-0) Australia’s health care system has become increasingly unfair, costly and confusing, according to a new report, which has declared the Federal Government is facing an impending crisis without urgent reform. The report forecasts an ‘exodus’ of young and healthy people from the private health system Private HealthCare Australia says insurers are struggling to cope with older, sicker patients The Grattan Institute says the Government needs to consider industry reforms within 18 months The Grattan Institute report paints a bleak picture of the private health system, saying it has become "riddled with inconsistencies and perverse incentives". It said if current trends continue, Australia will find itself in a "death spiral", where young and healthy people abandon private health cover, leaving a larger proportion of unhealthier, older and expensive […]