Photo: Damon Spina says his doctors are blunt about his prognosis. (ABC News: Allyson Horn) Damon Spina’s body is infested with terminal cancer. The disease has stopped the use of his right arm, and weakened his leg. And the 43-year-old knows the rest of his body could be next, including his ability to eat, speak and control his bowel. Facing unbearable pain, Mr Spina is prepared for death. But he wants it to be a good one. "I want to be recognised at the end of my life. I don’t want to be the husk of a person that I am now," he said. The former high school teacher was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2015. Despite multiple surgeries and courses of radiation treatment, more cancers have appeared in his lungs, chest and lymph nodes. The doctors’ prognosis is blunt — more will come. As far as I’m […]