Australia’s first fully operational medicinal cannabis farm has opened in Queensland and will start supplying patients within weeks. Australian company Medifarm’s Sunshine Coast facility currently houses 1,000 marijuana plants which can produce 1.2 tonnes of medicinal cannabis a year, with hopes to increase to seven tonnes a year. Only a few thousand Australians have been prescribed medicinal cannabis treatment by a doctor despite it being legalised by the federal government in February 2016, and they rely largely on important products. The facility currently houses 1000 plants. (9News) Medifarm director Adam Benjamin said a reliable local supply of medicinal cannabis was crucial for doctors and patients considering it as treatment. "Doctors, I believe, are doing their best to become better educated, to understand how to access the product, but the reality is we are talking about imported products at the moment that can’t even keep up with demand," Mr Benjamin […]