The nearest clinic to Urapuntja is 70 kilometres away and without sufficient staff and supplies to pick up the slack. Photo: (ABC News: Samantha Jonscher) The health clinic servicing the 600 residents of the Utopia Homelands, 250 kilometres north-east of Alice Springs, has been placed under special administration after threats of violence against staff and concerns about management. The closure has surprised both residents and members of the health clinic’s board The Utopia Homelands are 250 kilometres north-east of Alice Springs Registrar Selwyn Button said it had placed the health service under administration after threats against staff The move comes after the Urapuntja Health Service closed its doors last Thursday, taking residents by surprise. Members of the board that runs the clinic said they too were given no warning that the clinic would be closed. "Doctors and nurses, they just left, and community didn’t know, no-one called to say […]